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    • 16 kg of PVC weight (2 kg x 8 = 16Kg)
    • 1 x 3 feet curl rod + 2 x 14 inch dumbbell rods
    • 100 percent percent leather gym gloves + 1 Gym backpack + 1 Skipping Rope + 1 Hand Gripper + 2Locks and clippers comes with the rods
    • A combination of all gym equipment for the perfect workout
    • It is highly durable and long lasting
    • A perfect muscle builder
    • In-box Contents: In-Box Contents: 16 kg of PVC weight (2 kg x 8 = 16Kg), 1 x 3 feet curl rod, 2 x 14 inch dumbbell rods

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    • Hexa Pvc 3kg x 4 plates=12kg, 2pc x Dumbbell Rods
    • Lacking the motivation to get back into the gym? Back in the gym already but feel stagnated? Or maybe you’re just looking for new inspiration for the new year. Whatever your situation, reading words of wisdom from successful people can be super-inspiring.
    • Change is difficult. It’s easy to become stuck in old habits; if you’ve always found excuses to skip exercising, your brain will continue to find ways to avoid hitting the gym. But change is possible as long as you put in the hard work necessary. The difference between folks that succeed and folks that don’t isn’t opportunity or luck: it’s determination and willpower, which come from within.
    • “I’ll do it tomorrow” is the mantra of the unsuccessful athlete. If you’re truly dedicated to your fitness goals, then show up when you say you’re going to. Commit to your New Year’s fitness plan.

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