How to make money from Youtube without showing your face

As you know during this pandemic situation, so many people has lost their job. Some of them has tried online jobs and succedded and others tried Youtube channels. Most of the them are not interested to create a Youtube channel because they are not interested to show their face on Youtube. So this blog is dedicated to those people. There is no need of showing your face on Youtube in order to make money. There are various ways to make money from Youtube, this is one amoung them.

There was a time on Youtube that we can use creative common videos and make money. Creative Commons means you can use videos that was created by others under creative common license. But Youtube has updated their rules on 2020, you can still reupload Creative Common videos but monetization is not possible. You can monetize CC videos by placing an affiliate product link on the description. In this blog i am using a different technique for monetizing your channel.

The first step is to go to TWITCH.TV and type ‘among us’ on the search box. You can see tons of videos under that keyword. Twitch is basically used by gamers, they continuously upload their gaming videos and earn money. So we are going to take their videos from Twitch and merch it with other similar videos and upload it to youtube. Once you find 4-5 videos, the next step is to download those videos.

The second step is downloading those videos using a website called UNTWITCH.COM. Just copy the video link from Twitch and paste it to untwitch, select the resolution, and download.

The third step is merging those videos using any video editing software like Camtasia, Adobe Premiere, After effects, etc. If you don’t have any software try CLIDEO.COM and do the merging process.

The fourth step is creating a Youtube channel and upload this video. You will get tons of views if you are uploading videos based on ‘among us’ keyword. You have to upload a minimum of 2 videos per week in order to get so many views and subscribers.

As you know, you have to reach 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers in order to monetize your Youtube channel. In any case if your channel is monetized, you can add an Amazon affiliate link on description to get a second income. So this is a working trick, keep uploading videos and sit back and relax.

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