Earn upto $497 per Sale by helping Amazon Sellers

In this blog i am introducing a new website called Splitly. Splitly will play a vital role for the success of an Amazon seller. As you know there are Billions of products are available on Amazon and some of the top tier companies may take down the sale of medium or small class sellers. So Splitly will help these kind of companies by increasing their sales by driving laser targeted traffic to their website. Amazon seller can select their packages starting from $47 – $497 depends upon their promotional budget.

Splitly also provide an opportunity for affiliate marketers. Anybody having a Paypal account should try their affiliate marketing section. Because once you made a sale, you will get 100% of the amount that was paid by the Amazon seller. Splitly also making money from the seller, because this is not a one time payment. If the seller is getting more and more sales with the help of Splitly, they will definitely buy more and more service packages from Splitly.

Sign up as an Affiliate on Splitly here

Once you sign from through the above link, go to the affiliates button and copy your affiliate link and save it into a notepad for future use. Affiliate Marketing is one of the booming businesses of 2020 and you can make tons of money from affiliate marketing. You should definitely try Splitly as well.

Next step is incorporating your affiliate link to the below ebooks.

Download Amazon Best Seller Ebook

Download Amazon King Ebook here

After you downloaded the above ebooks, go to pdfescape.com, then press the ‘Free online’ button and upload your ebook. Select the texts that you want to add your affiliate link to and press Ok. Watch my video for more information. After that save the file and download it again to your system. Now your ebook with your affiliate link is ready. The next step is promoting your ad throughout social media or you are giving away these ebooks to amazon sellers. Most of the people who are watching your ad, most probably will download the ebook and read, because is is 100% free.

You should promote this ad through all of your social media platforms. In this method currently i am using Facebook Business groups. You should go to Facebook groups and type ‘Amazon Sellers’ and you can see tons of groups there. Join those groups and start posting your ad. You can even try other platforms like Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram etc. Be patient and keep promote. This is not an overnight rich project. It will take time, but its really worth it. Once you got an idea about affiliate marketing, you will never try any other online jobs. So keep promoting.

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