Earn up to $25 per day by typing Audio files – Transcription Jobs

Everybody is looking for a part-time job in this pandemic situation. So here I am introducing a typing job without any investment and you can do it from the comfort of your home. This website comes under the transcription job category. Anyone with English language proficiency should definitely try this website and you can even earn up to $2 per job. Each audio file which is provided by this website only last below 6 minutes.

This is actually a home-based job and work at your convenience. If you are an expert, you may earn $5 to $25 per hour and it will depend upon your expertise. This system also provides an automated transcript to save your time with 60% accuracy. You will also earn a monthly bonus of $5 for every 3 hours of work that you completed. There is no withdrawal limit, no obligations, or no commitments. This website doesn’t assign any works for you, you have the power to select any available audio file and start the job.

scribe.com provides a great opportunity for those who are looking for a continuous stream of income from home. You just have to type what you are hearing with the highest accuracy. You should go through a test process prior to start the job and get certified. Once you start completing the job, the amount will be credited to your scribie account. There is no withdrawal limit. You can transfer the accumulated amount to your Verified Paypal account, from Paypal to your bank. You can transfer the amount once per day.

Here are the requirements

You should have a Laptop/Computer
Internet connection
Good English knowledge
The ability of Conversational interpretation
Ability to identify mistakes
Headphone or Headset with Mic
An updated version of browsers like Chrome, Firefox or Safari
Verified Paypal account

There is also an Affiliate/referral option. You can increase your earnings by referring transcription customers to this website. You may earn up to 5% of the order placed by the customers. If you refer a transcriptionist, you may earn 2.5% as referral earnings and there is no limit. You can promote your affiliate or referral links through social media like Facebook or Twitter, if someone visits through your referral link and joined and start the job or order from this site, they will be treated as your referral.

Automated transcription service provided by this website will save your typing time and it will give 60-90% accuracy depends upon the quality of the audio file. You can manually review the document and correct it, if there are any grammar mistakes.

You can also try google docs as a short cut. You just hear the audio file, pause it and open the google docs, press the plus sign, then go to tools and select ‘Voice Typing’. Press the Mic icon then Read the audio that you are hearing. The website automatically types the words that you are saying and this will save your time especially if your typing speed is slow.

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