Earn $100-$200 per day from Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Affiliate Marketing is the process of earning a certain amount of commission by selling other persons’ products. And you can earn a recurring amount of commission if the product is having a recurring upgrade option. You should take care while selecting an affiliate product like percentage of commission, cancellation rate, conversion per visitor, etc. If you have enough time to set a website with some affiliate offers, you can definitely try my methods, because even a newbie can try this method and earn an unlimited amount of money with the help of his smartphone.

Normally affiliate marketing is a difficult process. Most of the affiliating marketing companies will give access to their products only if you have a website with a high amount of traffic. But in this blog, I am showing a legal way to become an affiliate marketer with the help of google sites. If you don’t have your own website, you can follow my instructions, in order to create an affiliate web page.

First thing you have to find a good product from digistore24. After selecting the product depends upon the commission, conversion rate, and cancellation rate, press the promote button. You will get an affiliate link. Then open and notepad and save your affiliate link for future use.

Next step is go to sites.google.com

Create a blank web page or select a template. Open your affiliate link or copy-paste your affiliate link on the browser, Copy paste the text from the website, add some images and your affiliate link, like I shown in the below video. Thats it.

Go to your Facebook page then groups. Type the keyword on the group section and join maximum groups related to your affiliate product. For example health and fitness. Copy the text from your affiliate page, add some images and post your google site link. Usually Facebook will block all kind of affiliate links. But when you try my method, it will never block your links, because you are using a google site link. You can even try your twitter, pinterest or instagram account for promotion your affiliate products. Select 3-5 products and do the same. Your earnings will depends upon your promotion. If you got an idea about the promotion and selection of product, you can sit back and relax. The main advantage of an affiliate marketer is that, you can even earn money while you are sleeping.

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